SIRIUS B stands for Sharing Inclusive Research Instruction for Underrepresented Students’ Benefit, both figuratively as the driving force behind the organization and literally as, like many names in astronomy, SIRIUS B is an acronym. And, like many of those acronyms, it’s actually a “backronym”, as a nod to Sirius B, the white dwarf companion of the dog star that was discovered with the telescope lens in Northwestern University’s Dearborn Observatory. Dearborn has played a crucial role in the pilot of Stellar STEM Weekends, one of our core programs.

More information about the Stellar STEM Weekends and our other programs can be accessed here.

SIRIUS B is a more inclusive rebrand of the Lakota Cultural Exchange Program, evolving naturally with the program as efforts are expanded to reach more students. For more information about the LCEP and how it came to be, please visit that site.

A timeline of our history, including some programming highlights:

Timeline of LCEP/SIRIUS B programming history from 2009 to present.

LCEP/SIRIUS B founder, Ava, with all of the Lakota guests SIRIUS B founder, Ava, with the Lakota guests from the 2019 Stellar STEM Weekend.